Enjoy 100% Grass-fed Beef! Available to Reserve or Pick Up Now!

100% Grass-fed Beef are available for purchase! See below for information on how the steers are finished and pricing.


The steers will “finish” on a cover crop field, a mixture of German Millet, Annual Rye grass, Cowpeas, Oats, Sorghum/Sudangrass, Common Vetch, Purple Top Turnip, and Daikon Radish that was planted specifically for them to graze the last two months before butchering.  This way they will get as much feed as possible away from the rest of the herd so there is less competition in consuming the feed and to prepare these animals for slaughter by providing tender quality feed.  They will be about 19 to 20 months when they are ready and will be averaging 1150 to 1300 pounds.


We will be taking these calves into Atlas Meats in Fort Collins, CO in December.  Their address is 4020 John Deere Rd., Fort Collins CO 80524.  Phone is (970) 224-9210.  Juan Meza is their manager.  He is very helpful and knowledgeable and has processed our beef since 2011. He has done a great job and his prices are reasonable.  The facility is USDA inspected and has an office on the premises.

We will bring the animals to the butcher and will have each customer assigned a specific animal(s) so that when you call into or visit the butcher to have him process your beef, he will know who matches up with what animal so your meat can be processed according to your desired specifications.  When they have completed the processing, it will be your responsibility to pay them for the processing charges as well as picking up your meat.  You must pick up promptly as requested by Atlas or there may be extra charges.


Pricing is based on the hanging weight which is the usable meat of the animal.  Our 2017 price is $3.30 per pound usable weight, plus processing (as shown below). Once this weight is recorded, Atlas meats will contact Travis who will figure the amount you will owe Harmony Farms for that animal.

We will sell whole, half or quarters.  This means you are buying the entire animal, half, or a quarter of the animal.

Processing fees are $0.75 per pound of usable weight.  An additional special fee of $60 is due Atlas Meats for each animal serviced which is separate from the processing fee.  This is a prorated charge of $30 for ½ steer or $15 for ¼.  This will be in addition to the usable weight pricing owed to Harmony Farms and will be paid to Atlas Meats (the butcher) when you pick up your beef.  There may be some additional cost from Atlas if special processing is requested.  This should be discussed with Atlas when ordering.


Pricing example for a 1200# steer:
A 1200# steer will have about 55% of his meat usable.  So this usable weight would be 660 pounds in this example (1200# x 0.55 = 660#).

Amount payable to Harmony Farms for the cost of the steer:
            660# (hanging weight) and multiply that by $3.30
            660# X $3.30= $2178 for that whole animal.

This amount is due to Harmony Farms after the steer is delivered to Atlas and  weighed.              

Amount payable to Atlas Meats for processing fees:
            Special fee is $60 for the whole animal.
            Plus $0.75 per pound processing fee (660# x 0.75 =$495)

            $60 + $495 = $555

            This amount is due to Atlas Meats when you pick up your beef.

Total cost for this steer:
            $2178 + $60 + $495 = $2733

If you are purchasing a quarter of the above steer:
            Usable weight =165# (660 divide by 4)
            Steer price $544.50 (165# x $3.30) paid to Harmony Farms.
            Special fee = $15 ($60 divide by 4) paid to Atlas.
            Processing fee = $123.75 (165# x $0.75) paid to Atlas
            Your total cost for the quarter would be $683.25

We ask that you make a down payment of $200 to Harmony Farms so we can reserve your meat and schedule you with Atlas.


You are more than welcome to visit our facility and view our contented cattle!  Please call Travis Ross at (620) 388-2616 to arrange a convenient time.

Thanks for your interest!

 Harmony Farms LLC

​​100% Grass-fed Beef