​​100% Grass-fed Beef

About Harmony Farms

Providing non-certified organic, wholesome, 100% grassfed beef.


Health Benefits


Our goal is to provide the most healthful beef available.  Recent studies have clearly shown health benefits of grassfed beef over the grain-fed beef in most supermarkets. A favorable association of grassfed beef with reduced cardiac and cancer issues has been demonstrated.  



Cow Kindness

From  breeding stock selection for ease of birthing to a ban on barbed wire fences, our goal is to treat our cows gently, with respect and kindness. Careful monitoring of nutritional needs fosters healthy animals. We pride ourselves on using cattle management guidelines and physical structures designed by world-renowned professor Temple Grandin, whose life and approach led to a Golden Globe winning movie in 2010. 


Simmental and Angus

Simmental cattle is a breed that originated in Switzerland and is well known for gentle disposition and excellent meat production.  Dams are purebred Simmental and bull is ½ Simmental and ½ Angus. This combination is felt by many to result in the best of both breeds in their offspring. 



Dr. Jack O'Neill and his family have been raising Simmental with care since 1974.

Raising cattle naturally, humanely and harmoniously with the environment is a core tenet of our approach to providing wholesome, nutritious, healthful, tender and flavorful beef. Careful monitoring of grasslands and our animals' general health and well-being ensure healthy, vigorous, contented cows which results in excellent beef. 


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