Since the beginning, Harmony Farms has selected our breeding stock for ease of birthing as well as other factors that produce superior offspring according to the American Simmental Association.

In keeping with our concern for our animal’s welfare, as well as human’s, we have removed all barbed wire from the farm.  Our cattle are controlled by usual daily moves into new clean paddocks formed by electric movable fences.   This grazing   management allows us to control the growth of weeds thus minimizing the need to use chemicals on a wide scale.  We only spot spray areas such as to control such noxious weeds as Canadian thistle and to control vegetation underneath our perimeter electric fence to keep it from shorting out.  Rotating the herd daily allows us to control how short the cows graze the pasture as well as giving the pasture adequate rest before the herd comes back through and grazes it multiple times in the grazing season.

We weigh our cattle individually and frequently to be certain their diet is adequate.  Although it is usually unnecessary to use, we do keep some alfalfa hay available so we could supplement the steers should we encounter an unusually severe winter.  This would augment their grazing.

 We have a sorting area that has been designed for us by Temple Grandin, a well known professor from CSU and an international authority in autism and in considerate  cattle management.  You may have seen her Golden Globe winning  movie staring Claire Danes in 2010 based on the book “Emergence”.

 We use the most silent squeeze chute available in accord with her studies showing the advantages to the animals of less stress as well as improvement in the quality of their meat.

 These calves have had no exposure to any grain, exogenous hormone, or antibiotic either by feed or injection.  They have spent their entire life grazing on the same irrigated grass and legumes (such as both red and white clover) pasture even through the winter.  As is customary, once shortly after birth, the calves are given  one injection to help prevent disease and/or potential death.

Cow Kindness

​​100% Grass-fed Beef